Wednesday, July 22, 2009


my wireless internet modem? Seriously? Thats what the gal from Qwest said after we spent an hour on the phone trying to figure out why my internet wasn't working? You need to replace your modem she says to its no big deal...I immediately think me? Well ok, whats the worst that can happen??

So yesterday on my lunch hour I went up to Best Buy and purchased a new wireless modem (with some help from the I.T. guy at work THANKS!). Got home last night and proceeded to freak out a little bit about having to deal with this myself and then thought "really how hard can this be?" Well it turns out it isn't nearly as hard as I had imagined it to be.

I successfully installed my new wireless modem and made it secure so that no one but me can long onto it...YEAH ME!! And then thought, why was I so intimidated by the thought of having to do this...I mean the I.T. guy did say if I needed some help that I could call him, but to be honest I didn't want to bother him, so I figured it out all by myself. I know to some people that it is probably not a big deal, but to me it was a definate big deal, being able to tackle a form of technology that before was so foreign and intimidating to me, that is a big thing in my little corner of the world. I mean if I can do it pretty much anyone should be able to do it.. :0)

To Be Content...

It's so easy to be seduced by expectations, to spend our lives searching...for the better, bigger, more.

When we often have just what we need. Think about the positives. Enjoy your family, your health, your wonderful friends.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Belated Birthday Dinner

Last night, I made a belated birthday dinner for Tom who's birthday was last Monday...We had ginger-teriyaki salmon w/pineapple salsa, long grain wild rice and asparagus for the main dish, we had a bottle of Coppola wine Pinot Grigio and for desert I made individual banana-blueberry-strawberry cream cheese pies. It was a very good evening, with great company and wonderful conversation. So Happy belated birthday Tom.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drinks you say?? I am there...

Last night Sadie and I went to the Firehouse Kitchen Bar as it was ladies night and the drinks were half price and we were both in need of good conversation, company and drinks...all of which we accomplished as we sat on the patio and drank our Cosmopolitan' was good to get out even if it was on a Wednesday night...(this picture is actually from last Friday night when we were out and about causing all sorts of trouble)..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Full Moon pictures from last night as I was sitting on my patio, just thought I would share with everyone. Thanks! Have a great day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


What I lost~~myself to another individual (completely/mostly by my own choice) to give of myself so completely that I found myself floundering about my life, walking on eggshells, waiting to be good enough, in every way, trying so hard to be that persons everything, only to find that I lost me, the best parts of me, the worst parts of me, I became totally unrecognizable to myself and those who know me. I was waiting, waiting for something/anything to make me aware, to make me take action, well that something finally happened, (and as is usually the case it was sad but necessary).

Now what have I found or better yet what am I finding~~ ME ~~ wonderful, glorious, beautiful, silly, fun, creative, sometimes overwhelmingly sad and happy ME!! Right there where she was waiting for me to find my way back, to the me who likes to be spontaneous, have fun, write just to write, take photo's, and most importantly to the me who is not afraid that she isn't pretty enough, sexy enough, funny enough, talented enough, the me who isn't afraid to be by herself or that her ideas wont be good enough for someone else.

Found, I have also found some of the most wonderful, supportive, creative friends and family. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have these people in my life.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a Lost & Found department in their life. What have you lost or found lately?

THANK YOU to all my wonderful, beautiful, creative, friends and family, with out you and your support I might still be lost.