Wednesday, April 8, 2009

woo-hoo for Wednesday

So I haven't figured out the whole adding pictures and links yet (Tom has said he will help me when we get a few minutes.... )

I have to say I am very excited that today is Wednesday, mostly because I only have one more working day this week and then it is off to Vegas for a girls weekend.... Yeah!! My friend Dani (if I knew how I would insert picture here she is very pretty) who currently lives in San Diego and I are meeting there Friday for some fun, shopping and gambling for the weekend. This is a very needed respite from my current every day life, and it will be great to see Dani, as I haven't seen her since last August.

Maybe by the time I return from my girls weekend, I will actually learn how to post pictures and link things... who knows as Tom might say crazier things have happened. (and there are still two full evenings before I leave that might be time for a crash course in the whole blogging area)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


why does it have to be so hard sometimes, you think you have it all planned out and then before you know it things change....and send you for such a loop that you cant see which way is up...I feel like that currently. It feels like no matter how hard I try to get a grip it just seems to spin more out of my control. So I have decided to take it day by day and let the universe guide me and help me with my choices. I have to believe that everything (job, personal and financial) will work out as it is supposed to and the more I try to control it the worse it seems to be... so we shall see... but as always I will look to the bright side and find happiness in every moment.