Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Signs from Amarillo TX

a life update: a new car and a camping trip :)

I have had the "who ride" a 1993 Toyota MR-2

for about 3 years now, and I loved this car, I did not realize how much I loved it until I went to trade it in and proceeded to cry about not having it anymore....who knew I had such an emotional attachment to my car, not me.

Of course with all of the changes in my life, it was time to get something that was a better fit in my "new" life, and something that Lola was comfortable in also, because as much as I loved the MR-2, Lola was not a fan.

Enter the "New Who" a 2001 Toyota Highlander, which Lola and I both love, it has been a ton of fun so far and recently ( about 2 weeks ago) went on a camping trip with Sadira (who posted a great story about our trip) to Beaver Creek in Sedona.

Things overheard while camping:

"Mom what is a wet dream?" (which left Sadie and I trying not to laugh out loud at this comment from a young man who was probably only about 12 years old. Imagine being that mom.

"Are you drunk?", "thats why I brought my own tent" "stop touching me!!!" (these comments came from the camp next to us, which had about 15 people in it all who were drunk and loud and ignoring their crying children, just the kind of people you love to camp next to)

And of course my personal favorite from the trip: "It's a, It's a, It's a!!!!!" "What is it, What is it????" which was said in the form of high pitched screams (that only dogs could hear) between Sadie and I, when I saw a HUGE snake.... I mean it was really big...of course I am deathly afraid of snakes so that didn't help.

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