Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photo's from a drive

I like driving it is one of my favorite things to do. Driving helps me quiet my mind and think things through and mostly it helps me remember that the simplest moments are the best.

Lately I have been driving lots and lots, usually its down to Phoenix and back over the weekends to see the family and the dogs. Which is really nice except it has been extremely/unbearably warm/hot down there. So last Sunday I decided to take a drive a little closer to home and found myself driving out Williamson Valley Road, beyond where the pavement ends. I have made this drive before, and it is very pretty out this way, however instead of just going straight out Williamson Valley Road to Interstate 40 and into Seligman, I choose to turn onto to Walnut Creek Road, which turns into a beautiful drive through the Prescott National Forest. I even managed to take a few photos along the way. Even though the weather was hot and sticky, with little to no rain, it was a wonderful day.

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